1.14.1  Definition Of Air Traffic Incidents An incident is an occurrence, other than an accident, associated with the operation of an aircraft which affects or could affect the safety of operation. An incident may be caused by any of the following:
  1. ATSP or Other Ground Organisation

    1. abnormal function or operation of radio communication or navigational aids, faulty organisation or procedure;

    2. personal negligence, incompetence, error or misapplication of procedures or instructions.

  2. Flight Crew - negligence, incompetence, error of judgement, misapplication of procedures or failure to comply with procedures or instructions.

  3. Aircraft - defects in the aircraft or its equipment.

  4. Adverse meteorological conditions.

1.14.2  Use Of Online Incident Reporting System CAAM Aviation Safety Reporting System (CAReS) is an online reporting system aims to increase efficiency and accelerating the incident reporting processes. Pilots shall submit all incident reports through CAReS portal. The safety reporting portal can be accessed via

1.14.3  Reporting Procedures (Including In-Flight Procedures) The following are the procedures to be followed by a pilot who is or has been involved in an incident:
  1. during flight, use the appropriate air/ground frequency for reporting an incident of major significance, particularly if it involves other aircraft, so as to permit the facts to be ascertained immediately;

  2. as promptly as possible, after landing, submit through CAReS portal:

    1. for confirming a report of an incident made initially as in a) above, or for making the initial report on such an incident if it had not been possible to report it by radio;

    2. for reporting an incident which did not require immediate notification at the time of occurrence. An initial report made by radio should contain the following information:
  1. type of incident,e.g.AIRPROX;

  2. callsign of aircraft making report;

  3. aircraft position, heading or route;

  4. FL, altitude or height;

  5. time of occurrence in UTC;

  6. description of other aircraft, if relevant. The confirmatory report on an incident of major significance initially reported by radio or the initial report on any other incident:
  1. categorised as mandatory occurrence reporting (MOR) shall be submitted through CAReS portal not later than 48 hours from the date of occurrence;

  2. other than MOR shall be submitted through CAReS portal not later than 30 days from the date of occurrence.

1.14.4  PURPOSE OF INCIDENT REPORTING The purpose of incident reporting is to ensure that CAAM receives information about incidents that can be analysed to identify any necessary corrective actions with an overall objective of improving aviation safety.